Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In Stitches, McKinney

Just got home from the In Stitches knitting Meetup in McKinney, TX. Lots of really nice ladies who share a love for knitting, crochet, spinning....the list goes on. I love seeing WIP (Works In Progress) and finished articles that everyone has to share. After seeing a gorgeous pair of just finished socks last week I am feeling inspired to get back to sock knitting.

Today I brought one of the Ashford wheels for show and tell, lol. I had fun spinning some merino roving that I had carded at the Ozark Carding Mill in Durant, OK some time back. It spins like a dream and is so soft....thinking socks.....maybe a shawl.

One of the ladies has her baby with her at the meetings and he is so cute! Sigh. Our grand kids are 1200 miles away in VA and I am in baby withdrawal. Hm. Wonder if she would mind if I borrowed him for a few minutes at the next meeting.....oh, well, it's a thought.

It is about an hours drive from where we live near Red River to McKinney to the community center where the group meets and half way home I began thinking that a rum and Coke would be good. I was right. It IS good. I need a bumper sticker that reads "I survived Central Expressway". With all the construction in McKinney and the really bad drivers....plus having to take the back way home from Denison because of construction on FM120 east of Denison, I needed something to mellow out. I think my van must have a sticker on it somewhere that can only be seen by other motorists that reads "Hit me! I want a new van!" Too many close calls for me for one day. Groan. I just remembered I have to drive to Lewisville on Friday morning! Oh, well. I can rest up between now and then and enjoy living in the country away from all the craziness.

In the meantime I can think about future knitting projects and look forward to next week's meeting. Thanks for a nice time, ladies! Thanks, Julie, for getting me back into the group. I need a girls day out once in a while!
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