Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How Time Flies

Oh my goodness! I can't believe how fast time has flown the past two months! Hubby is getting ready for back surgery and I have had to limit the knitting due to 'knitter's elbow' and numbness in my hands.

We are trying to make preparations to be ready for when he comes home from surgery later in the month as well as get all our shopping finished and ship stuff to family. The tree is up and there are a few more things to attend to so we don't have to worry about anything but hubby's recovery. Thank you, God, that he will see an end to the misery he has been going through for the past several years.

I have no new projects, just working on existing ones a bit at a deadlines in the foreseeable future.

On a side note, friends of ours lost everything in a house fire less than a week ago and are in need of prayers. Walter and Loreen Loder were my sponsors when I became Catholic and they are well loved by members of both neighboring parishes....St. Mary's in Sherman and St. Patrick in Denison. Please keep them in your prayers as they regroup and, with the help of fellow parishioners, prepare to rebuild their lives.

Have a wonderful and Blessed Christmas.