Saturday, August 8, 2009

A New Juicer in the House

I recently purchased a Breville Juice Fountain Plus Juice Extractor from Bed Bath and Beyond. It is a much better product than the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer.

The Juice Fountain has a one piece blade/filter basket that has NO threads, unlike the Power Juicer which has a two-piece assembly with plastic threads. There are three grooves in the Juice Fountain filter basket that fit snugly onto the base unit. The pusher has a groove as well that keeps it snugly fitted with no rattle while running, unlike the Power Juicer.

It comes with a covered one liter plastic juice jug that fits over a spout on the filter bowl surround and eliminates any splashing. The jug has an insert that will separate the froth if you prefer. The pulp container has a rounded bottom for easy cleanup without any crevasses to catch bits of pulp. It also comes with a long handled brush for cleaning the filter basket. The entire Juice Fountain is easier to clean than the Power Juicer and there is no juice left in the pulp container at all. Letting it run for a minute after juicing results in no drip from the spout, unlike the Power Juicer which continues to drip. It sells for $149.99, but I had a coupon for 20% off which lowered the price to $119.

We will box up the Power Juicer and ship it to our daughter in Virginia to store for when we visit them later this year. We stay in a suite at the Hampton Inn Suites when we are there and being able to prepare some of our meals and not have to eat out as much is a great help. The kitchen sink in the suite has a garbage disposer so we will have no problems cleaning up when we juice.
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