Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Avoiding Temptation

I am getting better at avoiding temptation. Maybe it is guilt over the huge stash in my house, but I have had two opportunities in the past couple of weeks to get some 'good buys' at yarn shop closeouts in my area and I decided NOT to go there.

I am trying very hard not to buy anything else for awhile since I have a lot of stuff to pick from already. Of course, I did buy those two skeins of Merino Lace yarn in OKC on a visit to my mom a couple of weeks ago......but at only $15 a skein compared to $36 for the single skein of Prism Lace Wool I am already working on, it was hard to pass up.

So, I wish all you folks well who are getting good buys and fantastic deals on yarn and accessories this summer. Think of me, sitting at home or here at the Boiler Room Coffee Bar in Sherman, TX, and knitting on stuff I purchased.....LAST YEAR!

Happy Yarn Shopping!
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