Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jack LaLanne Juicer?? Not on your life!

I would like to share our saga of trying to purchase a newer model of the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer:

We have an older model, their classic white, that was purchased a couple of years ago at a Kohl's Dept. store. We love it. We have used it off and on since we bought it and have had no complaints. January 3rd of this year my husband and I decided to try a 21-day detox program offered through our chiropractors office, the Standard Process product. My husband has lost over 40 pounds and I have lost 15 pounds since January 3rd.

We decided to keep up the shakes each day: one for breakfast and one mid-afternoon and so we use our juicer every day. I had seen the Power Juicer Pro advertised on TV and checked it out on the Internet as well. The sleek stainless look appealed to me and so I ordered on from the website.

We were sadly disappointed with it. The motor is not as powerful as the one in our older model; the carrots and apples get jammed in the chute and you have to stop and get it unclogged and try again; when you exert more pressure to try to juice what is getting jammed in the chute the bottom of the plastic pusher comes in contact with the cutter blade because the stainless housing is flexing, unlike the rigid plastic housing; the so-called no drip spout won't clear the stand that came with it and juice drips down between it and the bottom of the juicer making a big mess.

We shipped it back via UPS, costing us over $20, and the clerk at the Sherman, Texas UPS office told us that ours was the tenth Power Juicer Pro she has had to return from our area in a week! Sherman isn't that large of a town!

We then went to the local Kohl's store to see if we could get the same model we already have. We found one that looked identical, took it home and found the same problem as with the Power Juicer Pro that we sent back....the motor isn't powerful enough to juice carrots and apples. We returned it to Kohl's for a full refund the next day.

We really like our old juicer. We wore out a Sunbeam Juicer about 12 years ago and a Juice Man about 3 years ago and were thrilled with the Power Juicer. It is just a shame that their product is now substandard.

On a side note: When you call their customer service number you are more likely than not to get a rude, obnoxious person to have to deal with. My husband actually got lucky and spoke with a very nice man named Sebastian who was very helpful and not difficult to communicate with, when he called to order a new cutting blade and pusher for our old juicer. (The reason we needed a new pusher is the old one has water trapped inside it because I put it in the top rack of the dishwasher like the manual said to do.)

So....if you are looking to buy a juicer, DON'T buy a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer! At least not until they make a better product. When this one wears out we will probably purchase an Oster that we noticed at Kohl's....on the shelf right above the Power Juicer.

Note: We ordered a replacement blade and pusher for the Power Juicer. The blade dulled after the first use and we are unable to use it seeing as it is made of inferior materials. The design of the pusher leads to water being trapped in the top under the edge of the cap.