Monday, December 29, 2008

Can you identify this?

My sister in law gave me a start of a plant several months ago and I have no idea what the bloomin thing is. It appears to be a succulent of some sort but I am still searching the Internet in an attempt to identify it. If anyone can tell me what it is please leave a comment or email me. Thanks!


mac said...

Hello there,
I was given this same plant by a lady living in Louisiana. We brought it with us here to Texas. We have it in the ground and although it burns with the cold, it comes right back. She called it an "Alligator Plant" although I am almost positive that is not the correct name. I have seen it here at a local ma and pa nursery and if I happen by there again, I will ask them. They had it potted, it was very tall and had to be tied to a post and was flowering!

mac said...

OOOOps, found it!

I googled alligator plant and many people are unfamiliar with that name, but one person saw it and called it "Mother of Thousands" or "Jaws of Life". I read that one was over a lady's head who was 5'7". Glad I could help!

Patricia Blankenship,ocds said...

Thanks, Mac! Someone else told me it is a kalanchoe, whatever that is, lol. I think it needs more light and will move it to a south window.