Thursday, November 6, 2008

And Life Goes On....

Funny how life goes on....even when this country elects a snake oil salesman for president. I have no use for charismatic, eloquent people who keep espousing change but don't have a clue what their so called change is going to do to the economy, let alone the damage it will do to traditional family values. As an American I am called on to respect the office of President of this country, but I am unable to respect the new President Elect as a person for the simple reason that he does not value human life. Anyone who thinks it is permissible to murder innocent unborn babies does not deserve my respect.

So......a new day has dawned......and one party is going to be in charge of running this country. Unfortunately, the party that will be in charge does not reflect the values that I was raised to embrace. Fortunately, it is only four years until we can change things. Again.

In the meantime I will go on knitting, and spinning, and weaving, and praying, and going to Mass and Adoration and what ever else I can think of to beg God to have mercy on our country. We are going to need it.
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