Sunday, October 26, 2008

Undulating Waves Scarf

I bought a skein of cabled cotton at The Woolie Ewe several months ago, put out by Shaefer in the Catherine the Great colorway for a KAL at the Ewe. I recently got the beads that go with it and have started the scarf.

I like the color of the yarn and the beads are gorgeous. What I don't like is the weight of the yarn. It is heavy. And when you add beads to it you will have a very heavy scarf. I should have chosen a different, finer yarn and smaller beads. I like Shaefer's Heather wool yarn and might do another scarf in it with smaller beads.

The scarf is going to be spectacular, just not very practical, and I haven't knitted with beads before. You have to pay attention to which side you are working on in pattern and where you have the beads when you do a yarn over. Other than that the pattern is a cinch.
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