Monday, September 22, 2008

Washed, Blocked & Pressed

I finished the fringe last night then washed the shawl on the hand-wash cycle of my new Kenmore washer and tossed it into the new dryer on delicate with a load of clean white laundry that had been sitting on the dining room table waiting to be folded. I set it for damp dry and then blocked and pressed it on the ironing board before hanging it on a padded hanger overnight. I am more than satisfied with the end result of the first weaving project in a long time, especially since I was using hand-spun.

The dimensions: on the loom 12"X113"; off the loom 11"X79"; washed and blocked 10 1/2X74". I had warped for 72" finished length according to directions in a weaving book but I got seven inches more on my warp because I had changed to cloth aprons last year and gained some length from the back beam.
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