Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Warping from the back of the loom

I used to warp from the front of the loom and then I read an article in issue 122, Nov/Dec 2004 of Handwoven on warping from the back and I am hooked! No more stressing the warp by pulling it through the heddles. I just made a raddle out of a piece of pine 1x2 and some finish nails spaced an inch apart. I fasten it on the loom with rubber bands.

This is some handspun dyed merino 2ply that I found in my stash. I have two skeins and one skein has more twist than the other so I used it for warp. The warp is 8"X113" on the loom and I am trying to decide if I should thread for a rosepath pattern since this scarf will be solid, not variegated.
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