Thursday, August 14, 2008

40 Days to Pray the Vote

I just received an email from the Presidential Prayer Team that I would like to share:

Day 1 begins August 15th!
The 40 Days to Pray the Vote e-mail series

Dear Patricia,

Your prayer life - and your relationship with Christ - will be deepened when you sign up to receive our 40 Days to Pray the Vote daily prayer devotionals to your e-mail. Just ask Neil of Ft. Worth, TX...

“The daily prayer itself is a wonderful blessing. It takes less than a minute to open the email reminder, click on the page, and join the multitude of people who pray for the nation during this critical time,” Neil said. “I imagine some make this a part of their quiet time with the Lord. I am among those who catch the daily prayer at the office among all other emails of doing business of the day. It is a blessing to commit to God the future of the nation.”

You can join Neil and over 17,000 others who have made 40 Days to Pray the Vote a daily and vital part of their prayer lives by signing up right now so you can begin receiving the prayer devotional series this weekend. That’s when we’ll start anew with Day 1 of our third of four 40-day prayer cycles prior to the November election.

Click here to SIGN UP to receive the 40 Days to Pray the Vote email...

With 40 Days to Pray the Vote you can:

* Pray for the elections in a systematic and orderly way, starting with worship of our mighty God and moving to issues and concerns of the election.
* Pray for issues and concerns that might not occur to you or others.
* Post your comments or prayers on a new 40 Days to Pray the Vote Prayer Wall.
* Tell others about this exciting prayer initiative.
* View a sample of 40 Days to Pray the Vote HERE.

I invite you to sign up for 40 Days to Pray the Vote today. Join us as together we make this the most prayed-for election in the nation’s history - while you draw yourself closer to the Lord in the process. God bless!

John Lind

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