Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Puzzle Pillow Blanket

Now that I have the edging figured out for the baby blanket I decided to try my hand at Elizabeth Zimmermann's Puzzle Pillow Blanket. Once again I find myself battling the short row shaping and pulled stitches that are too loose, so instead of short rows I decided to simply taper the triangle by a decrease at the beginning of the row and, when it is time to turn around and begin knitting up the the other half of the square, just pick up stitches along the edge of the triangle. By doing this I have eliminated loose stitches and given the blanket a more stable 'seam'. Of course it isn't really a seam, because you are knitting up stitches not sewing them, but I think it needs stabilizing a bit.

The triangle in variegated yarn is going to become a parallelogram when I decrease rows from the top right of the knitting....more pictures to follow.
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