Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finishing the current project

Do any of you feel a teeny bit of regret when you come to the end of a project? I used to think I was a little odd until someone else told me the same thing recently. Of course you look forward to the finished product and there is the enjoyment of the moment as you work on it, but it seems a little weird that you should regret finishing!

I always have the next project simmering in the back of my brain while I am knitting, which is why I bought a neat little cloth bound book to make notes on my ideas. Actually, I have two books. One is small enough to fit into my purse and the other stays in my knitting bag. I was sitting in a coffee shop in Frisco, TX sipping coffee and knitting when I got a wonderful idea for colors to use in a shawl, from a design on a coffee cup of all things! Since the knitting bag was right there I used the larger book. When I don't have the knitting bag handy I usually have my purse close by.

I am working the lace edging on the baby blanket and getting close to turning the first corner. I needed a different lace edging from the one I used on the circular shawls so it wouldn't be too full. The one I decided on is listed as Pattern 6 in Hewitt & Daley's Classic Knitted Cotton Edgings by Kangaroo Press and has short row turnings for making a corner.
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