Monday, June 16, 2008

You know you have too many books when.......

I found a book I don't remember buying! Has that ever happened to you? It is a really good book, The Knitter's Handbook: Essential skills & helpful hints from Knitter's Magazine.

I have piles of old issues of Knitter's Magazine. The first copy I bought was the second issue. When I went back to find a copy of the first issue it was a reprint because they sold out so quickly. So I understand why I have this book, I just don't know when or where I purchased it.

There are lots of helpful things in this book; basics, bind-offs, buttons, buttonholes & zippers, cables, cast-ons, circular knitting, color, crochet, decreases, edges & borders, extras, grafts & seams, increases, lace, shaping, symbols & charts.

This one is going in the knitting bag and I will definitely share it with the "Women With Pointy Sticks" Meet-up group at the next Thursday evening meeting.
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