Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today's Haul....Yarn and Books!

I had errands to run today, met my husband for lunch at our favorite Chinese Buffet, China Star in Sherman, TX, and stopped by Books A Million and Hobby Lobby.

I bought three books, "knitalong" by Larissa and Martin Brown; "Things I Learned from Knitting...whether I wanted to or not" by The Yarn Harlot; and a neat cloth bound notebook to keep in my yarn bag.

The trip to Hobby Lobby netted me five balls of various yarns in blues and greens to sample for chemo caps for boys, and a Sugar 'n Cream kit that I plan to use to knit a blanket suitable for a girl.

Following my purchases and lunch with hubby I made a stop at my favorite coffee shop, The Boiler Room, where I knitted, drank coffee, read through the "knitalong" book and made a few notes in my new notebook about resurrecting the "Knit A Life" Pro Life knitting group that I started with a couple of friends two? years ago. Time flies. Life intervenes. And sometimes plans change. My friends are interested in getting the group going again and I am waiting to hear back from my parish priest about meeting at our parish a couple of times a month.

I am also going to pick one day of the week, every week, and park myself at the The Boiler Room in an attempt to get a group started there. That particular venue isn't convenient for one of the group, hence the desire to meet at my parish. Knitting at a coffee shop is how the Knit A Life group started to begin with. In fact, the owner was the one who came up with the name. He thought a positive take on the 'get a life' saying would be nice for the group and we are grateful for his suggestion. I just wish he had been able to stay in business because it was a nice place to meet and knit.

(editors note: I no longer urge anyone to read the Yarn Harlot since she supports people who choose to live a homosexual lifestyle and I have taken the other links to her books off my blog.)
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