Sunday, June 22, 2008

Side Effects of Knitting

Have I mentioned that I love to knit and that I routinely spend eight hours a day doing so? Well, I do. And with that dedication to purpose come some side effects, one of which is not getting enough proper exercise. In other words, knitters can become couch potatoes without even trying.

With regard to weight gain I have several factors working against me: I am 53, had a hysterectomy 13 years ago, have not been exercising and have not been eating like I should. Factor all those things into sitting on my bum a large portion of the day and voila! End result? Pear-shaped Pat whose clothes don't fit and who refuses to buy larger clothing. There is no other alternative. I must get up and exercise every day and I have to watch what I eat.

With that in mind, I went for a mile walk this morning at 9:30 in the morning in the north Texas humidity. Ugh. Note to self: go walking earlier!

The thing that really annoys me is that I lost 23 pounds last spring and summer.....and gained it back over the winter! I can lose weight. Done it before. Have a gym membership, too!

Another thing that just occurred to me as I sit here writing this is that I need to come up with a daily schedule and stick with it. I don't work outside the home. The house isn't that large so it doesn't take much time to clean and keep up. The only other person in the house is my husband, Brad, and he is neater and more organized than I am! He is wonderful. He puts things back where he got them so he can find them later. I, on the other hand, am known for my various piles of things stashed around the house. When the pile gets too high I put stuff away....and then I can't find it because it isn't in clear site. Sigh. I am a work in progress.

I really do like organization I am just not adept at it. I have fits of 'today I am getting control of this mess' moments and I actually make progress. I really think a big part of my problem relates to a lousy memory. I get really organized and just can't remember where I put stuff. And when you have two dozen containers of assorted sizes full of yarn or spinning fiber alone stacked in the computer/sewing room, not to mention a closet full of fabric and sewing supplies, various baskets containing knitting projects, two knitting bags (It depends on how ambitious I am when leaving the house with knitting.) and four plastic store bags with the latest yarn purchases lurking in the bedroom.....well, as you can see, I may be doomed.

But, I refuse to lose hope. In fact, that was what a visiting priest told me last evening when I went to confession and shared my exasperation at not taking better care of myself and not having a regular routine so that I have time for everything. My penance was simply not to lose hope! How is that for penance? In the past I have been given everything from three Hail Marys to time spent in Adoration to an entire rosary, depending on the seriousness of the sin. Thank you Father. I will recite a rosary just for you before Mass today.
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