Friday, June 6, 2008

My Name is Pat and I am a Fiber Collector

Ok, I admit it: I hoard fiber. I used to feel guilty about it until the only spinning/weaving shop within driving distance closed several years ago. Now I am just glad I hoarded as much as I did back then! I don't know what I have been saving it for: all that lovely cotton, flax, silk, wool, alpaca, llama. I really need to get to work and get it spun and warp the loom and DO SOMETHING productive with it. Especially since I have Internet access and discovered Ebay.....but that is another story.

Yes. Confession is definitely good for the soul. I feel much better now. Tomorrow I will attempt to make progress at the loom. After all I can always just make up a pattern as I go. Yeah. Right. Now where did I file that pattern draft?
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