Friday, June 13, 2008

Chemo Hat

I met for the first time last night with a meetup group in Frisco called "Women With Pointy Sticks" at the Bookworm on Main St. They knit, crochet, cross stitch and even work on beadwork! It was a nice group and I look forward to meeting with them in the future.

Their current project is sewing together squares for a blanket for a seven year old girl named Elizabeth with leukemia. Since they seemed to have enough squares when I first contacted them I decided to work on a chemo hat. The photo is the end result. I used Bernat Cotton Tots and cast on enough stitches to go around a 20" head. Then I just changed colors and patterns until it was long enough.

I started another hat with sock weight yarn for the summer. It will take a little longer to knit since the gauge is much smaller but I think it will work out well.

(Go to "Women With Pointy Sticks" to see the finished blanket for Elizabeth)
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