Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blankie for Whisper

This is a cotton blanket for my friend, Whisper. Since she likes knitted things and I had some cotton I decided to knit her a throw for her bed. Can't recall where I found the pattern, but it must be in one of my knitting books somewhere!

Gee, the way the photo came out if you look at it very long it makes you dizzy!
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DaneenK said...

Love your sight PAT!! Great shot of Whisper too..she is so pretty. We love having you come to the center. You bring a smile to our faces and we enjoy seeing all your beautiful art work in your sewing!!! Big hugs forever xoxox Love and Hugs Daneen

Patricia Blankenship,ocds said...

Thank you Daneen! I agree, Whisper is very pretty and I enjoy coming to the center a lot. I don't know where I would be without you, Dr. Shawn, your mom and Pat W. (And Whisper, of course!)(((((Daneen))))))

Love ya!