Friday, July 13, 2018

Back in business!

Hedwig is spinning along beautifully now, thanks to numerous emails back and forth to Amber ( with Kromski & Sons here in the States. I had been using white lithium grease on the treadle hinges and they recommend paraffin. While I was at it, I replaced the poly footmen connectors, cleaned everything that needs oiling on a regular basis, and re-oiled it. Probably need a replacement tension spring and hemp brake band, but it isn't a big thing at the moment.

So, to celebrate getting Hedwig back up and running, I pulled out some yummy fiber from Created by Elsie B....yeah...another one, lol. This is "Fox Den" on 70/30 Superfine Merino/Silk and it is scrumptious! OMG! This is going to be a fun spin. I've got a pound of it and hope to have a full 4 oz braid spun before I go to bed tonight.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Slow Start

Due to having to spin on my DD Ashford my left hip is bothering me and I had to take a couple of days off from spinning for TdF.

Today I managed to finish spinning the other 2 oz of my braid of Peacock and ply it, as well as plying the 2.3 oz bobbin of Indian Saree that I spun the first day. I'll get my yardage after wet finishing.

No more spinning today. Back hurts. Hips hurts. I'm all funned out...

Saturday, July 7, 2018

And, we're off!

Started spinning for the Tour de Fleece this morning. Had to switch to one of my Ashford wheels since Hedwig, my Sonata, is acting up. I'm so used to spinning 4 to 5 oz on a Kromski bobbin so I've had to make allowances for the smaller Ashford bobbins. I'm spinning 2 oz per bobbin and will do a 2-ply. I may ply from a center pull ball, not sure.

This is some BFL from Created by Elsie B, Indian Saree colorway. Super soft fiber! I've got a pound of it but I'm tired of fighting it for now. Soft it may be, but the mill should have blended it better. Still, it will make a lovely yarn! 

I am working on another of LeAndra's fibers at the moment. I've got 4 oz of it and divided it in half for two 2 oz bobbins. One bobbin done! This is Organic Polwarth, Peacock colorway, from the April Fiber Club. I'll prep the other half of the braid for tomorrow.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

One down, two to go.

Got up this morning intending to go to Mass and quickly changed my mind....what with chigger bites driving me nuts, my left ankle twinging with every step and my left knee swollen and aching, probably due to a combination of not wearing my shoes and orthotics like I should, and spinning every day for a week. Glad I took the time to sit down and spin on a regular basis before we start the TdF on the 7th. Need to know my limits!

Anyway...I spun up the last half ounce of fiber late this afternoon and I'm ready to start another bobbin. The empty bobbin weighs 1.915 oz, the full bobbin is 7.509 oz. Which gives me 5.594 oz on one 4 oz bobbin! This is about as full as I will spin a regular Kromski bobbin. The last ounce made for stiff treadling due to more tension on the brake band. This makes one bobbin done, two more to go for a little over a pound of roving. I'll use my Kromski Lazy Kate for plying the three finished bobbins.

Now I am off to ice my knee and prep the next 5 1/2 oz of roving for another bobbin...

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Are You in Training?

A week from today the Tour de Fleece will begin and run thru the 29th as we spin in tune to the Tour de France. I missed the last couple of years, but I'm ready to go for a 'relaxed' approach with a Facebook Group.

I decided to do some training by working on the roving I bought at A Balanced Skein last week and I am close to having 4 oz on a bobbin. I have a pound of the fiber and decided I would like a three-ply from separate bobbins instead of doing a chain ply. The Kromski bobbins hold more than 4 oz of singles so I should be able to divide a pound of fiber fairly evenly on just three bobbins...going by past experience spinning 5 oz+ braids. I can ply on the jumbo flyer and bobbins.

Also...I may have gone back to the new yarn shop and bought 3 more skeins of Tweedy Pie fingering yarn. I seem to have a thing for blues lately.

Friday, June 22, 2018

A Balanced Skein

There is a LYS in Sherman, TX as of yesterday: "A Balanced Skein" , located at 115 S. Travis St, Suite 103, Kelly Square. Owned by Nondas Hensley. It's a neat little shop with gorgeous yarn and some fiber for spinners. Nondas will be adding more things as time goes on, including some project bags.

I sat for three hours today. Chatting. Knitting. Shopping. This is my haul for the first visit...

That is a full pound of dyed fiber....not sure about the wool breed...but it is a medium micron fiber and should be fun to spin. The needle is 40" long, size 000. Nondas is going to order another one for me. I buy needles in pairs for knitting socks two at a time on separate needles.

The yarn is from Phoenix Fiber Co, "Tweedy Pie Yarn", an 85/15 SW Merino/NEP blend. Reminds me a lot of Jo Dee Fish's Stalwurth base. The skein on the left is Aurora Borealis. The one on the right is Star Gazer, 430 yds, 100 g. Together they should make a nice little shawl. Haven't decided on a pattern yet...

June Spinning Box Shipment

My June Spinning Box arrived yesterday! Lots of coordinated fibers to play around with and blend or spin alone. Need to set up the drum carder and combs and get soon as I can clear off the dining table!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


I spun up the ounce of Charollais from The Gypsy Owl in my May Spinning Box. I've got 84 yds, chain plied, before wet finishing. The skein is drying now and should poof up a bit more. Thinking I might have enough for a French Press coffee cozy.

This is a different breed of wool for me. It's a bit coarser than I usually spin, but I really like the resulting 3 ply yarn.