Sunday, January 21, 2018

Finished Spinning Project: A Cowl

I used every bit of the yardage from the 3-ply Rambo/Nylon bulky yarn for this cowl. It measures 9" from top to bottom and 21" around. It is super soft and cuddly and I will enjoy wearing it with my jacket to keep my neck warm. Photos are so deceiving. The finished project looks nothing like the previous photo of the finished yarn!

The two skeins of singles yarn spun from fiber gifted by Dawn Ortega of Four Hens Fibers has been re-skeined and measured after wet finishing. The top skein measured 282 yds before washing and 276 after washing. The bottom skein measured 232 yds before washing and 228 yds after washing. I am very pleased with the result. I think the greater difference in the final yardage may have been because the top skein was wound a little tighter right off the bobbin than the bottom skein. I paid more attention to winding more slowly and it certainly paid off with the second skein.

Again, the difference in photos can be misleading. This is the same skein as in the previous photo! Obviously, this photo had better lighting.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Final Yardage

I have rewound 3 of the 4 skeins I plied and wet finished. Top to bottom: 548 yds of chain plied Targhee after wet finishing came out to 512 yds of fingering weight at 5.1 oz of fiber; 124 yds of 3-ply Rambo/Nylon is 110 yds of bulky weight at 1.9 oz of fiber; 58 yds of 2-ply Rambo/Nylon is 50 yds of worsted weight at .6 oz of fiber.

I think I will knit a swatch with the 2-ply Rambo/Nylon to keep as a sample of knitted fabric for a soft spun 2-ply, worsted yarn; possibly a hat out of the 3-ply Rambo/Nylon; not sure about the chain plied Targhee. Still trying to decide.

Also, today I finished spinning 4 oz of fiber from Four Hens Fibers that I was gifted by Aunty Dawn. The first 2 oz skein is drying and the second 2 oz skein is ready for wet finishing.

Still a teensy bit damp, but I coiled it up to get a photo.

This is what a singles yarn looks like right off the bobbin before wet finishing.

I'll get the final yardage on the last two skeins after they are dry.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Finished Skeins & Unfinished Bobbins

The 5 oz of Targhee is done, wet finished, and hung up to dry, 548 yds, light fingering weight. It will fluff up a bit after it is dry and I will remeasure all of it later to compare to the yardage after winding off of the bobbins. My estimate was waaay off on Rambo/Nylon and dividing the 3 oz into equal sections. But, I got approx 120 yds of 3 ply and 60 yds of two ply out of it. Nice, fluffy yarn. Which was what I was hoping for.

Also, in accounting for all 8 of my regular and 4 jumbo Kromski bobbins, I found a jumbo bobbin of a 2-ply merino that I forgot I had finished. So, I skeined that off and popped it in to soak along with the Rambo/Nylon since all three skeins are neutrals. I tossed the Targhee in by itself after I took the other skeins out to run thru the spin cycle on the washer, then did the same with the Targhee. All 4 skeins are now hanging to dry.

Very happy to discover that I only have two unfinished spinning projects left: one jumbo bobbin of Merino and one regular bobbin of Merino/Silk. These, and the Targhee, are all from Allons-Y! Fiber Arts by Bethanne Elion.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Singles spun...plying going on...

Finished the last of 3 oz of fiber on Peggy this morning. Going to use the jumbo flyer on Hedwig for plying, so I'm working on finishing the chain ply project on that wheel. 5 oz of singles takes a while to chain ply. Good upper body workout!

Rambo & Nylon singles finished.

Targhee chain ply going on. Bout half way there.

Snapped this thru a garage door window at sunrise this morning. It was 8°. Yup. That's right. EIGHT! 

Monday, January 15, 2018

And I said I wouldn't order more fiber....

LeAndra posted another colorway in BFL that had my name all over it. She calls it 'Indian Saree' but it reminds me of Exploding TARDIS. So...I ordered four 4 oz braids of it. Destined to be a shawl methinks...

(photo from CreatedByElsieB)

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Spinning Thicker Yarn; Scotch Tension Tip

I have approx 3 oz of the combed top from LeAndra that I mentioned before and decided to try dividing it into three lengthwise strips for a 3 ply yarn. I've got one section spun, working on the second section. I think this will give me close to a worsted weight yarn...felt the need to experiment a bit.

Spinning with Scotch tension on my Wee Peggy was giving me problems so I replaced the spring with a pony tail holder like I did on Hedwig, my Kromski Sonata. What a difference it makes! Also went with a finer brake band....thin hemp cord from Hobby Lobby.

You can see on the off side of my Wee Peggy where the pony tail holder takes the place of the tension spring. I added a closer view of Hedwig to show how it is attached to the eye screw.

Changing out the springs for elastic bands gives me much better adjustment and control when using Scotch Tension. I start out with the drive band and brake band loose. Then I tighten the drive band just until the flyer begins to spin....and tighten the brake band so that the yarn is pulled onto the bobbin with enough tension to allow me to draft against it.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

I Won!

Dawn Ortega, aka Aunty Dawn of Four Hens Fibers, was asking for suggestions to name the new trailer for transporting fibery things to market. I suggested "Henrientta" (because...well...hens!) and someone else suggested "Hen House." Dawn put them together for "Henrietta's Hen House" and sent us cool stuff in the mail for helping name the trailer! Yay!

I got two of Dawn's patterns, "Joseph Shawl" and "Hearts for Christmas" which has patterns for jar and bottle covers. Also in the box I found two 2 oz bags of blended batts for spinning and a nifty emery board to keep in my knitting bag.